STRAW POLL RESULTS – Slice of Shoreview:


Walker 22.60% 37
Paul 15.90% 26
Trump 15.90% 26
Bush 8.50% 14
Carson 6.70% 11
Cruz 6.70% 11
Rubio 6.10% 10
Huckabee 4.90% 8
Fiorina 3.70% 6
Jindal 3.00% 5
Christie 1.20% 2
Kasich 1.20% 2
Perry 1.20% 2
Santorum 1.20% 2
Graham 0.60% 1
Pataki 0.60% 1
100.00% 164



February Economic Forecast – 2015

\The Office of Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) released their February Economic Forecast today. For the current biennium, there is a $477.6 million projected balance. The projected surplus for Fiscal Years 2016-17 is $1.392 billion. Combined with what is left from Fiscal Years 2014-15, there is $1.869 billion available in the upcoming biennium.

According to MMB documents released today, the surplus is in large part due to the fact that cheaper oil reduces capital expenditures in oil-related industries and allows consumers to deliver spending toward non-gasoline purchases.

If you remember one thing: Today’s news proves that hardworking Minnesotans are over-taxed. At a time when Minnesota families are seeing some relief at the pump with lower gas prices, we should shouldn’t be making it more expensive for Minnesotans to drop their kids off at school and get to work. Imposing a new gas tax on Minnesotans would be a heavy and unnecessary strain on family budgets.


Also yesterday, Senate File 174 was signed into law. Chief authored by Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jim Knoblach (R-St. Cloud) in the House (HF 264), this bill reins in the pay raises the governor issued to his agency executives by:
Restoring legislative oversight of executive branch pay raises (Rep. Roz Peterson’s bill as introduced)
Immediately freezing the salary increases (Senate language approved by Senate DFL & GOP)
Cutting the allocations made to state departments based on the commissioner salary increase (Rep. Steve Drazkowski’s amendment from committee)
IMPORTANT: The DFL-controlled legislature enabled Governor Dayton to give double-digit pay raises to his commissioners because of changes made in 2013 eliminating legislative approval of commissioner salaries (see 2013 House Journal Page 6506 for the vote).

If you remember one thing: At a time when take-home pay for Minnesota families remains flat, it’s outrageous that the Governor, enabled by House and Senate Democrats, would approve enormous salary increases for his agency executives. The new House Republican Majority worked on behalf of all Minnesotans to bring back public oversight of commissioner salaries, freeze the salary increases and make departments live within their means.


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2016 precinct caucuses set for March 1

“DFL & GOP move date of 2016 precinct caucuses –
The Minnesota DFL and the Republican Party of Minnesota have reached an agreement to schedule precinct caucuses for March 1, 2016. State law allows for the chairs of the two major political parties to jointly schedule the date of precinct caucuses for general elections.”


Executive Committee Elected, Constitution Amended at Feb 10, 2015 Convention


New HD 42A Republican officers and delegates to the Republican Party of Minnesota State Central Committee, which together comprise the HD 42A Republicans executive committee, were elected at the HD 42A Republicans Convention held February 10, 2015, at Lakeside Homes in New Brighton.  Also, the HD 42A Republicans amended their constitution.

The updated roster of executive committee members and amended constitution can be found here.

Delegates, alternates, and guests at the convention thanked those who had just completed terms on the executive committee but were not returning in the same or new roles:

Bev Aplikowski, John Braun, Jeff Grose, Russ Mull, and Jeff Napierala.

Keith Downey and Chris Fields, current Chair and Deputy Chair, respectively, of the Republican Party of Minnesota, addressed the convention regarding their vision for the party as they seek reelection at the party’s State Central Committee meeting on April 11 in St. Cloud.

Join Us for the HD 42A Republicans Convention – Tuesday, February 10!

Join us for our 2015 BPOU Convention on Tuesday, February 10, at Lakeside Homes in New Brighton!  For more details, please see HD 42A GOP 2015 Convention.  Due to the Convention, we will NOT have our regular February BPOU meeting otherwise scheduled for the same date.

CD4 GOP Holiday Charity Drive


The Holiday Charity Drive, a local community outreach event that began in 2013, sponsored by Minnesota’s 4th Congressional District Republicans, continues this year, collecting shelf stable food for families with food insecurities.

Stock up while you’re at the grocery store and drop off donations to one of the handy local drop locations – including Meister’s Bar & Grill at the Shoreview Mall near Highway 96 & Lexington in HD 42A and others in neighboring districts – from Friday, November 21st, thru Saturday, December 6th. Just like last year, all donated items will be picked up by Santa with the assistance of his elves.  Check CD4 GOP Holiday Charity Drive for more details.

Special November BPOU Meeting Date!

Our November meeting will NOT be on the usual second Tuesday November 11, but instead will be Tuesday, November 18.

Date: Tuesday, November 18
Time: 6:30 PM (start of official business meeting)
Location: Flaherty’s Arden Bowl

Flaherty’s has indicated that we are welcome to use the meeting (party) room starting at 6 pm, so those who wish to do so are welcome to arrive early and eat/socialize prior to the meeting.  A friendly reminder in case it might be of any interest to some of you that burgers and chips or fries are just $5 on Tuesdays at Flaherty’s.


Did you know there are three ways to Vote?

No, this is not a “Vote Early, Vote Often” push, we leave that to the other guys



Vote on Election Day

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 Vote Early in Person

Find Your Local Election Office


 Vote Early by Mail

Vote by Mail

How does MN rank in Taxes?

Do you think are doing well in our tax environment, well being ranked 45th doesn’t sound very good to me…