January 28, 2016


We are serving the cities of Mounds View, Arden Hills, Shoreview.

Our monthly meetings are held at Flaherty’s Bowling Alley, on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30.  Come join us and have some fun.

  Executive Committee Members, HD 42A Const Art 2, Sec 1  
  Name   HD 42A Officer Position  
  Ben Schwanke   Chair  
  Greg Rubenstein   Deputy Chair  
  Kathy McCarthy   Secretary  
  Gordon Druvenga   Treasurer  
  Joe Lach   Vice Chair  
  Teresa Gonske   Vice Chair – Precinct Outreach  
  Jerry Peterson   Vice Chair – Local Offices  
  Candy Sina   Vice Chair – Fundraising & Special Events  
  Jonathan Thomas   Vice Chair – Database Coordination  
  Joyce Thompson   Vice Chair – Volunteer Coordination/Event Logistics  
  Emily Hartigan-Stein   Vice Chair  
  Vacant   Vice Chair  
  Randy Jessup   State Central Delegate  
  Ben Schwanke * State Central Delegate  
                               * Multiple offices, allowed one vote – HD 42A Const. Art 2, Sec 1, Par E
  Full Committee Members, HD 42A Const Art 3, Sec 1 (Par Listed by Position)
Executive Committee Members (Above) – Par A
Precinct Officers – Par B (reflects results of February 6, 2018 precinct caucuses, complete list for Shoreview P-3 pending)
  Precinct Officer   First Name Last Name Precinct Name  
  C * Teresa Gonske ARDEN HILLS P-1  
  C   Ron Berscheid ARDEN HILLS P-1  
  C   Peter Christianson ARDEN HILLS P-3  
  V   Clarence Kuhl ARDEN HILLS P-3  
  S   Warren Pakulski ARDEN HILLS P-3  
  C * Jerry Peterson MOUNDS VIEW P-1  
  S   Jean Koslowski MOUNDS VIEW P-1  
  C   Joseph Lach MOUNDS VIEW P-2  
  C   Lori Maddox MOUNDS VIEW P-3  
  V   Edith Johnson MOUNDS VIEW P-3  
  C   Ben Schwanke SHOREVIEW P-3  
  V   Paul Wikstrom SHOREVIEW P-3  
  C * Joyce Thompson SHOREVIEW P-4  
  V   Susan Murphy SHOREVIEW P-4  
  C   Jeri Fink SHOREVIEW P-5  
  S   Lee Richmond SHOREVIEW P-5  
  C   Lori Grivna SHOREVIEW P-6  


Our Constitution

As Adopted by HD 42A Republicans Convention Feb 10, 2015

HD42A Constitution Adopted 02-10-2015